Diary of an emotionally-crippled narcissist (dr_nic) wrote in royal_society,
Diary of an emotionally-crippled narcissist


Gentlemen, I fear that the recent passing of the year has left us in some sad form of malaise. Never have these hallowed halls rung so hollow of sound and fury. Where are the suppositions? The declamations? The strident catcalls of thesis, antithesis and synthesis? Have we catalgued the world? Nay! Have we torn open the very fundament of existence, pinned it to a board and screamed "here! Here are all the answers"? Again, I say NAY! The gentle art of Natural Philosophy still has so much to give and so much to take, Gentlemen and thus I call us all to arms! What need have we of sleep and rest when the very Universe itself cries out for our understanding and research!
And thus, in the spirit of this learning, in the quest of this Knowledge, I pose this to you, my brothers in scholarship, my eminent, imminent, emanant and, indeed, immanent colleagues:
Just what is it with women anyway?
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